Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fall in NW Montana

Although most of the tourists are now in hibernation, this is the time of year when bears are very active in the park. They are gorging themselves and putting on fat to get them through their long winter nap. In addition, this is a time of year when - if the sun is at the right angle - the mountains look like they are on fire. Fall colors, crisp weather and active wildlife make for an excellent time to visit Glacier Park before the snows close Logan Pass.

And don't forget to drive down to Flathead Lake while you're in the area. Personally, I love the Flathead at any time of year, but I really like seeing it in the Fall. These are the views you see on postcards... snow-capped mountains dotted with fall colors overlooking a serene and beautiful lake. With the tourist traffic gone, you will see sights that you miss when fighting to survive in traffic. For a special treat, drive down the eastern side of the lake to Woods Bay and stop at the Sitting Duck Saloon. You'll meet locals and can enjoy dinner out on the deck overlooking the lake.

There just isn't a more beautiful part of America than NW Montana in the fall. Fall comes early to the higher elevations and new snow is already appearing on the mountain peaks, so pack up the family, bring plenty of film and head over to Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake.

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