Monday, October 16, 2006

Global warming?

Maybe - maybe not...

Glacier National Park was carved from the earth by huge glaciers during the last ice age. As recently as 100 years ago (a blip in geological terms), photos and maps show that there were approximately 150 glaciers in the park, but today most have retreated or vanished. As we all know, warming and cooling of the earth occurs from time to time. Today we are alarmed about the "global warming" trend that is now affecting the earth.

It is not the purpose of this blog to argue pro or con of this subject; my goal is to just talk about "what is". To share what I have learned about this beautiful part of Montana. If the earth is indeed warming to a degree that may affect life as we know it - I am helpless to affect that. I have hope that scientists will discover the true reason for this phenomena and advise us as to what we should do to avoid disaster.

In a similar vein, Flathead Lake faces issues from an expanded population and potential pollution problems. We have issues with non-native fish overtaking the less aggressive indigenous species. And we are challenged by many of the same problems that every community in America is facing. My point is that I do not wish this blog to become a forum for the global warming discussion, or become a platform to argue local growth policies. This is about Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake, and what you might want to know before you pack-up the car and head north.

Trust me, there is "love at first sight" because I fell in love with Glacier and the Flathead the first time I visited here. I was fortunate enough to move my family to the area a few years ago and my love affair with Glacier and Flathead motivated me to begin this blog. If you are planning a trip to this part of the country, I think you will discover enough information on our websites and this blog to make your vacation memorable and fun. THAT is my goal.

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