Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Scuba Flathead Lake

I read a very interesting article in today's Missoulian News online about 'diving' in Flathead Lake. I have never dived (that is with oxygen and a wet suit), so I hadn't considered that Flathead Lake offers scuba divers an exceptional experience. With water as clear as Flathead, I would imagine that it is a hoot! The article mentioned...

“When you dive and live in Montana,” Mackaman said, “that's what you got to do - dive in cold water.”

Although there is no tropical splendor to explore beneath the water's surface in Montana, there are plenty of other mysterious and intriguing discoveries to help divers forget the frigid water temperatures.

Flathead Lake, for instance, has a sheer wall that drops from 30 feet to 150 feet, and when you swim along it, it is like flying, said Bonnie Stelzenmuller. In Lake McDonald, she said, there's a underwater forest with standing trees. According to Stelzenmuller and her diving companion, Ken Clizbe, in Flathead Lake there are lake trout so huge, they weigh over 50 pounds. The fish are so bold and so curious, they dash around and rush at divers like miniature sharks, she said. (Now that's more my style of enjoying Flathead Lake).

So my friends, if you're into scuba diving, here's one more reason to visit Montana - Dive Flathead Lake! See the entire story here...

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