Monday, November 27, 2006

Winter has arrived

Amazing... it seems like we were just talking about the beautiful fall colors and last weeks "rain of biblical proportions" and now we're buried in snow. It began to sneak in on Thanksgiving evening and the following day it snowed for most of the day. I think it has been snowing or flurrying ever since. As Montanans, we LOVE the change of seasons - even if they do seem to be accelerated at times.

The mountains are now covered with snow and there is more in the forecast. This is a good thing as the typical early snows that reach the higher elevations never arrived this year. As a result, our two large ski resorts had to delay their opening because their base was insufficient. Big Mountain has reschedule their opening for the weekend of Dec. 2nd. Oh and if you happened to be in the Flathead Valley area last week, you may have joined other skiers and snowboarders celebrating the 34th “Pray for Snow Party” held at the world-famous Bierstube in Big Mountain Village. And if you were there, it looks like your prayers are being answered.

Well, there's more I want to tell you, but it looks like I need to mount the plow on my ATV and push some snow off the driveway. Until next time... pray for more snow!

Update 11/28/06

You know the roads are bad when snowplows get stuck — sideways — on a state highway. Sunday night’s storm hadn’t let up by Monday, leaving drivers stranded in drifts, igniting fires and hostilities between neighbors, and frustrating plow drivers who opened roads only to have them drift shut again. Read story in the Daily Interlake here...

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