Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas in the Flathead

I have been blessed with more than 50 Christmas holidays (don't ask). I have celebrated Christmas in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Montana and even one lonely Christmas in Vietnam 33 years ago. Wherever I am, Christmas is always a special time, but I have to tell you my friends, that there is nothing like Christmas in the Flathead Valley.

The Flathead Valley would remind you of those traditional holiday cards with pine trees, snow and glorious mountains - truly, a winter wonderland. The peaks of Glacier National Park are now covered in glistening white snow that touches the heavens. A drive by Flathead Lake at this time of year is a feast for the eyes. Yes, there is nothing like Christmas in Montana's Flathead Valley. If you can't be here this year, at least enjoy this special time with your family - because that is what makes Christmas so special.

From our family to yours,
we would like to wish all of you a very

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