Friday, February 16, 2007

Get lost in Montana and...

Find yourself

"Until we lose ourselves, there is no hope of finding ourselves."
- Henry Miller

In this hustle-bustle high-tech world of ours, nothing helps us reconnect with ourselves better than revisiting nature. Leave your iPod, cell phone and worries in the car and take a trail into the woods. Discover wildlife, majestic trees, and flowing streams and rediscover - maybe for the first time - what the world is really about.

Meandering through Glacier National Park or floating aimlessly on Flathead Lake does this for me. Severing the ties to the rest of the world, abandoning technology and mindless roaming puts me in a place that has no adequate description - you must experience it for yourself. Like pictures in a magazine, no matter how beautiful, they do not compare with the experience of actually being there.

Okay, followers of this blog know that I am in love with NW Montana and specifically the two places for which this blog is named. If you have not yet visited this "Last Best Place", it needs to be on your list - high on your list. Few experiences in your life will equal the feelings you will experience the first time you glimpse Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake. No, I don't work for the tourist bureau... just thought I'd share the happiness, peace, tranquility and appreciation of nature that this "Treasure State" provides me.

Want to find yourself?

Lose yourself in Montana!

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Anonymous said...

I'm coming this summer, save me a campsite at Glacier and rent me a boat at Flathead lake... you convinced me to visit Glacier and save Yellowstone for later. Thanks, great blog.