Friday, February 09, 2007

Global warming...

If you live in upstate New York where they are experiencing a winter storm that has dropped 100 inches of snow, you might feel like shipping that white stuff to Al Gore's global warming adherents. Likewise, here in NW Montana, Glacier National Park's Lake McDonald has frozen over for the first time in 10 years. Brrrrrrrr, where's the "warming"?

McDonald Lake's ice is not very thick and I wouldn't go walking across the 460+ depths. My wife and I have commented to each other that this winter has seemed cooler than in years past. We haven't received a great deal of snow, but I believe our snow pack is about average. However, we haven't had that many over 30 degree days that help to clear the roads of ice buildup. Also, it feels like the humidity this winter has been higher than average. My comments are not based on scientific facts as we have not been logging the temps and humidity readings - and I am no scientist. We just feel that this winter was different than the previous 4-5 winters.

I have no idea if global warming is a man-made phenomena or as some claim, just another cycle in the earth's heating and cooling. And that is NOT a debate I wish to entertain on these pages. I'd prefer to let qualified and competent scientists battle that one, and hopefully an educated decision will be reached and we can do what needs done to help solve the crisis - if there is one.

The older I get and the more I have witnessed politicians and big business make decisions and life-changing announcements, the more skeptical I have become. IMHO, one of the most profound quotes from a modern movie was Tom Cruise's comment in Jerry Maguire where he said... "follow the money". Before I choose a side on the global warming issue, I plan to follow the money and see who benefits most from the PR, hype and ultimate decisions that will inevitably cost you and me tax dollars and future inconveniences. I truly am neutral on this "problem" and I identify with both camps.

If our planet is truly threatened by manmade activity, I'll be the first in line to volunteer a helping hand. However, my lack of trust in those that tell me something is for my benefit supersedes my blind faith. In the meantime, I think I'll go cut a hole in the ice at Lake McDonald and go fishing.... before it warms up.


Lady of the Lake said...

I must agree with you on global warming. With the winter most of the US has been experiencing -(and here in Montana our recent 40 below isn't feeling too warm) it is hard to buy all the gloom and doom. If find it interesting to note that although there are notable scientists out there who disagree with the global warming idea, the news media doesn't seem to be giving them much air time.

I, too, want our scientists to honestly and truthfully study this issue, but I also would like to see the news media giving equal 'voice' to both sides. Without this, how can we, as Americans, make logical choices. And, I think this seeming inconsistancy (with the media) is one of the reasons people like me (and maybe you?) exist - people who want to know the facts so we can respond appropriately - if there is a problem.

In the mean time, I ride snowmobiles across the 2 feet of ice on my lake - and shiver inside my old lodge as we try to keep the pipes thawed out (and our fingers and toes warm) in all this 'warm' weather :-)

Lady of the Lake

Anonymous said...

See this..... Antarctic temperatures disagree with climate model predictions

Anonymous said...

Locally, it may be cooler than 5 years ago, or even decades ago. However, the average global temperatures right now are higher than they have ever been in human history. No peer-reviewed scientific publications dispute that it has gotten warmer (although many politicians do). Some peer-reviewed publications decline to comment on whether humans are the cause, but 75% of peer-reviewed publications covering global temperature trends stated that humans are in part responsible for increasing global temperatures. The scientists' debates are covered in journals such as Science, and they are generally restricted to differences in the predictions of the 10+ global climate change models and the mechanisms behind the changes we are seeing and those we expect to see. More ice is accumulating on half of the ice sheets of the southern hemisphere while Glacier's glaciers are melting, but these are local effects that represent effects of global climate change.

It may not be warmer in NY or beautiful MT in a given year, but it is getting warmer on Earth. Humans may not be responsible, but I'm certainly not in the market for an H3.