Monday, February 05, 2007

Whitefish Winter Carnival

Located to the west of Glacier National Park and north of Flathead Lake is the beautiful little town of Whitefish Montana. Whitefish is home to Big Mountain, one of the NW's best ski resorts (and best kept secrets - so don't tell anyone). Tourism is a huge part of the local economy and Whitefish caters to both tourists and locals who are devoted to all things Whitefish.

For the past 48 years, Whitefish has held a Winter Carnival and that event took place last weekend. This is always a great time with celebrations and events happening all over the area. Chainsaw carving ice sculptures, arts & crafts, a parade and a party happening at every saloon in Whitefish and on Big Mountain. If you're looking for some fun next winter, mark your calendar to attend the Whitefish Carnival.

My bride happens to be the Administrative Director for the NW Montana Humane Society and her group decided to walk some of their dogs in the Winter Carnival parade. Translated, that means that yours truly was conned into walking in the parade also. Apparently there was a sufficient number of dog walkers for the event, so I was instructed to walk our dog and pretend I was part of the group.

The picture above shows my bride (middle) and our Great Pyrenees "puppy" loitering about before the parade began. The lady she is speaking with was from the local Great Pyrenees Rescue organization.

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