Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wolves, Elk & Grizzlies

My last two posts were disturbing and there is still no official word on what caused the death of the missing 3yr. old. According to the press, we will have more information in a few days.

As heart wrenching as that story was, today I discovered a heart warming story about life in the Flathead and hunting the Bob Marshall Wilderness. It is about a man who decided not to shoot a wolf.

Here in Montana, Wyoming and other western states, there has been a federally mandated wolf management program in place, which has been used to reintroduce the wolf to our area. Wolves are not welcomed by most ranchers and farmers and such programs are not popular with many people. I take no sides on this issue as I think wolves are beautiful looking creatures, but I also know that they are destructive carnivores. If my livelihood depended upon livestock, I'm fairly sure which side of the fence I would stand.
Regardless of your opinion, the Bigfork Eagle newspaper has a story about hunting in the "Bob" and one man's encounter with a wolf and a grizzly. A remarkable story, read "A wolf not shot"

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