Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Glacier Park in the spring

Spring is my favorite season for visiting Glacier National Park because on the right day one can have the ultimate experience. What I'm about to describe is best experienced a few weeks down the road when more of Going-to-the-Sun Road has been opened for vehicles.

Picture a bright sunny day with a Montana blue sky and puffy white clouds. You gaze in any direction seeing beautiful snow covered mountains, but you are distracted by an unearthly roar. Looking below you see a raging crystal clear river swollen by the melting snow pack, racing its way down a path that was cut into the rock eons ago. As the river charges toward Flathead Lake, along the banks, you see beautiful wildflowers blooming in a sea of magnificent colors. This is no dream of heaven, this is Glacier Park in the spring.

Many of the most spectacular photographs you will see of Glacier National Park are captured during this time of year. This is when it all comes together. Although most of the park services including campgrounds are still closed, this time of year provides the ultimate Glacier viewing experience. This is also time for the grizzlies and black bears to leave their dens and because they are ravenously hungry, they are on the move and can be seen in more places.

Plowing Going-to-the-Sun Road begins any day now and the road is usually opened for vehicle traffic in late May or early June. It is too early to predict this year's opening, but I will update this blog and our website as soon as I learn more. Currently about 12 miles of the Going-to-the-Sun Road are open for travel. You can drive 11 miles from the west entrance to Lake McDonald Lodge, and 1 mile from the (east) St. Mary entrance to St. Mary Lake. The rest of the road is closed due to the weather. However, if you are up for a hike, or want to cross-country ski you can travel beyond the closed gates.

Whatever you do... if you visit Glacier National Park in the spring - don't forget to pack a LOT of extra film!

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happytrails said...

does anyone know for sure when Logan Pass at Glacier will be open to road traffic? i know it's first of July, but we need exact date to plan our trip accordingly. thanks to anyone who may know!