Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring is in the air

A couple of things today...

Spring hasn't quite sprung yet, but it sure seems that old man winter is on the run. Less than a week ago, I still had 6"-10" of snow in the front of my home and 4' snow banks. In a matter of days, the temperature rose and steady rain has virtually eliminated all but a few stubborn snow banks. I have never seen so much snow disappear so quickly.

This warmer weather will be appreciated by the hoards of fishermen who will descend upon Flathead Lake this weekend for the opening of "Mac Days". If you remember a few posts ago I told you about this bi-annual fishing tournament, but this year the grand prize is a whopper! There is one Lake Trout swimming in Flathead Lake with a tag worth $35,000.00! Oh yeah, that's enough to convince my bride that she needs to take up fishing.

Lastly - for you parents of teenagers, with the weather warming up and thoughts of spring... that also means that every high school in the country will be holding a prom in a couple of months. Many of those schools (or PTA/PTOs) are planning an after prom party. If you have a prom-age teenager, or know the parents of one - do them a favor. Prom night is one of the most dangerous times in a teenager's life and holding an after-prom party is one thing we can do to save some kids' lives. My wife wrote a book on how to plan and stage a fun, safe after prom party... check it out and send the link to every parent of a teenager you know. It just might save a life.

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