Monday, April 02, 2007

Work at Glacier National Park?

Are you kidding me?

I don't usually post PSA's (public service announcements), but if you or possibly your children are looking for something to do this summer... tell ya what I'd do... If I was a young man on summer break with no family or heavy obligations, I'd spend a summer working at Glacier National Park.

What a hoot that must be. Man, what I would have given to have known about such an opportunity when I was a young fella. Living and working at the park (IMHO) would have to be second only to being a park ranger.

Anyway, I received an email alert today about "Glacier Park, Inc. Properties" now hiring people for the summer season and that's what prompted this post. Maybe I'll reach a young person who would just love to spend their summer making a few bucks and living in Paradise.

If you're interested, or know someone who might be, visit their website at and complete a short online application. An application may also be requested by calling 406-892-6719.

I don't know the people doing the hiring and have no affiliation with the company. I just happened to see the message about them hiring and thought how much I would have loved such an experience. So there, they got some free publicity, but more importantly, maybe this will catch the eye of a young person who is looking for a unique experience this summer!

Maybe when I retire.....


Anonymous said...

I spent a summer working at Many Glacier. I can't describe how deeply that place has seeped into me. Returning to society is difficult after living in a place like Glacier. Nothing compares. I think about Glacier every day...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Work at Glacier National Park?":

I worked in the Park about twenty years ago. I drove a delivery truck through the Park every day. Man, what a time that was! At the time, I was just aware of living in a beatiful place and having fun with my friends...but the experience left an indelible mark on me.

I returned home, got a few degrees in Geology (inspired by my time in the mountains), and I live out West now...and still hike and camp!

I return to Glacier every year, almost.

The place is spiritual to me.

If you're considering working in the Park, go for it! It won't always be fun, or easy, but it just might change your life.

Carol said...

Please tell me about working in Glacier. I’ll be coming for Louisiana to work at McDonald Lodge this summer. Not sure what to pack or expect. But hoping this will be a jump start for the second half of my life, (in my forties). Please do tell me about Glacier.

Glacier National Park said...

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