Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bears no more

A hundred years ago, way back in the 70's, the National Lampoon magazine ran a spoof about the "Last Whole Earth Catalog", a hippie bible for living off the earth. The pun was that the Whole Earth Catalog was issuing its last edition. Then another last edition and so on... The Ntl. Lampoon called their piece the "Last, no S%$# Really, the Last Edition of the Whole Earth Catalog". I guess you have to be familiar with that to fully appreciate it, but I was reminded of that with today's post.

My last two posts were about bears - you'd think I was trying to scare people away from visiting Glacier National Park with all these bear stories. I promised myself that I would move on to other interesting topics and leave the bears alone. Then today I see a story about a man and his daughter who ran into a grizzly last year while hiking in the park. This was headline news around here and remains a remarkable survival story, as this fellow was severely mauled by a grizzly.

What I stumbled upon today was a follow-up slide show with audio narration released by the Los Angeles Times. This is a remarkable 'must see" story and I encourage you to spend a few minutes looking & listening to this amazing narration. Go here for the grizzly story follow-up...

Hopefully, this will be my "Last, no S%$# Really, my Last Story about Glacier Park Bears". Well at least until a new bear story comes to light :-)

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