Monday, June 04, 2007

Boating on Flathead Lake

Won't you join us...

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day to experience Flathead Lake the BEST way... by boat. Readers of this blog know that I believe that Flathead Lake is probably the finest lake in America (and yes, I am partial). For any of you who might doubt that claim, I invite you to climb aboard our boat and join us for a day on the lake.

It was a magnificent day. The weather was perfect, the water was calm and the scenery breathtaking. Blue skies, puffy white clouds and snow still clinging to some of the peaks made for a photographer's delight. I am not a professional photographer and our movie was shot from a moving boat - AND we didn't do but one take as we cruised from Somers Bay to Woods Bay on the eastern shore. So if you find fault with some of the jerky film.... at least the price of admission was fair.

I made a few feeble attempts at fishing, but was not rewarded for my efforts. When the depth monitor & fish finder showed some activity, I dropped a line and hoped that a hungry fish would take my lure, but it was not to be. Fishing on Flathead usually requires more attention than I was willing to devote Sunday.

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