Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Flathead Beacon?

There are no lighthouses on Flathead Lake, but there is a "Flathead Beacon".

A new online & offline publication is available to Western Montana's greater Flathead Valley. According to their mission statement, "The Flathead Beacon is devoted to delivering thought-provoking news and commentary to the greater Flathead Valley. Printed every week in tabloid form and updated daily at, the Beacon encourages its readers to participate in discussions about their valley".

The Beacon was delivered to our home last month, which was how I first heard about it. Then this morning, I received a Google alert regarding a story about "Fishing Without Barriers Day", and the source was the Beacon.

Now that I had a link to their online offering, I spent some time visiting their site. I loved it! They do a splendid job of keeping up with what's going on in the Flathead and provide a quick reference for entertainment and things to do, along with light and interesting commentary. The seem to do a good job of following local news and stories of interest to citizens. I recommend you pay the Beacon a visit and add them to your Favorites - you'll probably find them a good source for what's happening in our beautiful valley.

Also, they encourage the community to get involved and comment on stories and add your 2-cents where you feel its needed. Visit the Flathead Beacon here...

Ponder this aside....
Why do we say "put your two cents in"?

But it's only a "penny for our thoughts"?
.....Where's that extra penny going to?

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