Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Man injured by grizzly

I know they look cute...

This video was filmed last week in my neighbor's back yard. A cute little black bear just begging for someone to come closer and pet it or give it food.

WRONG! They are bears... wild animals who can feed on YOU! Just this week another poor soul wandered too close to a grizzly and her cubs and was mauled. In Grand Teton National Park, a grizzly bear attacked a man today, causing moderate injuries, after the man apparently surprised a female bear and three cubs feeding on an elk carcass. Read the story here...

The message my friend is "don't get close to the bears"! They are magnificent, beautiful creatures, but they see you as food or a threat - not a friend who can pet or feed them. While you hike Glacier National Park's trails, remain aware - and if you do see a bear, give them a wide berth.

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