Sunday, July 29, 2007

Glacier Park - New Fire Alert

Baby mountain goat above Hidden Lake

Old friends from out of state visited yesterday, and of course, it was my duty to introduce them to the splendor of Glacier National Park. They received the royal treatment. We drove Going-To-The-Sun Road from the park's west entrance to Logan Pass where we hiked the beautiful Hidden Lake trail.

I am still sorting through a remarkable collection of photos from our visit, and will post some here in the next day of two. I'd love to share them with you now, but my bride and I are about to tow our boat south for a day on Flathead Lake. Summers are short here in the Flathead and with upper 90's temps forecasted for today, we don't want to miss this opportunity. More to follow...

One word of caution regarding Glacier Park travel. There is a fire raging on the east side of the park. Official have already evacuated a lodge and closed a stretch of U.S. 2. The Skyland fire was burning about 400 acres early yesterday, but we learned that approx. 1,000 acres was estimated after the fire blew up in the afternoon due to high winds and our dry weather.

This is a picture of the fire we saw from U.S. 2 prior to the road being closed. I'm sharing this with you in the event you have plans to visit Glacier in the next few days. Either enter Glacier from the west entrance or call the park to make sure U.S. 2 on the east is open.

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