Monday, February 11, 2008

Cabin Fever Days

The Northern Lights have seen queer sights,
But the queerest they ever did see...
Are the 'Bar Stool Races' held each year
During Martin City's Cabin Fever Days.

I hope that Robert W. Service's offspring won't mind me borrowing a couple of lines from the author's famous poem, "The Cremation of Sam McGee". But the "Northern Lights and strange sights" seemed like a good way to introduce you to a winter celebration held here each year called 'Cabin Fever Days'. This year it was held during the Feb. 9/10 weekend).

Billed as a fundraising event for the communities, Cabin Fever Days is a reason for the locals to get out of their homes and cheer on their favorite (I guess you'd call them skiers?) for the annual 'Bar Stool Races'. Hungry Horse, Coram and Martin City are three tiny communities located just outside Glacier National Park and while the snow flies, there isn't a whole lot to do during the long winters.

The main street through town is blocked off and racers compete against each other for bragging rights that will earn free beers at the local saloons long into next summer. The "skis" are anything but... entrants create elaborate sleds mounted on skis that look like anything from 3-ski motorcycles to beds and busses. We saw lounge chairs, soap-box derby-type creations, metal beds, tractor parts and exercise machine frames bolted to skis and sliding down the hill. Watch the video...

Mostly, the event was a hoot. People enjoyed themselves, and the local saloons haven't done that much business since the Park closed and the tourists went home. Click on over to Glacier National Park and see more about Cabin Fever Days.

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